Far la routo

The hiking trail

The GR®69 La Routo® long-distance hiking trail, connects the plains of lower Provence to Piedmont’s Alpine valleys, following the former drailles and carraires (transhumance tracks and rights-of way) in the footsteps of the flocks of sheep on the great summer transhumance of bygone days.

Discover territories

The route takes you on a journey back in time, through the various landscapes shaped by transhumance in discovery of pastoralism, a living activity embodying culture and traditions, and the territories it has left its mark on.

It enables you to get a close-up view of the region’s most significant features, including its pastoral landscapes, architectural heritage and archaeological sites, by following in the footsteps of bygone shepherds and their flocks.

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    La Routo’s highly diverse landscapes conceal work areas and a pastoral life that must on no account…