La Routo network

La Routo network

Linking France and Italy, plain and mountain, the La Routo network brings together agricultural, gastronomic, craft, tourism, textile, environmental and heritage sectors alike around a practice that has done so much to shape the identity of the southern regions of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Piedmont.
The La Routo® brand aims to structure and label their agritourism offer around practices connected with transhumance and pastoralism, by highlighting activities contributing to the territory’s identity.
It constitutes a criterion for recognition of such activities and provides concrete expression of the commitment of actors located all along the route, who contribute to their territory’s development through their activities and seek to acquaint hikers with its heritage and knowhow.

La Routo’s commitments

La Routo is the result of thought currently being given to the far-reaching changes in our ways of living, consuming and travelling. Throughout the trail, major importance is therefore placed on cultural mediation, discovery of pastoralism’s products, and sharing of space between practices connected with hiking and pastoral activities.

The La Routo® brand was registered by the Maison de la Transhumance in order to ensure ongoing promotion of the professions, products and heritage of transhumance in collaboration with pastoralists and the shepherds they employ.

A range of outdoor activity clothing made from Mérinos d’Arles wool is being developed alongside the project in order to showcase this type of wool, which is the finest in Europe.

A crossborder network of La Routo® brand actors has been created, all with the same ethical approach and providing products and services in full respect of the practices and knowhow that have contributed so much to our territorial identity, as well as of the population and their environment. This network of committed actors enables trail-based development of a kind of tourism with positive impacts on people, the environment and territories alike.

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