Maison de la transhumance

A Mediterranean pastoral culture interpretation centre


Maison de la transhumance is located in Domaine du Merle, a centre for experimentation and training focusing on sheep farming and Crau’s irrigated grasslands.

It brings together pastoralists, experts on agriculture, the environment and human sciences, cultural operators and local elected representatives wishing to pool their skills in order to promote the practice of transhumance and increase and disseminate knowledge of the pastoral environment.

It was established at the initiative of GR®69 La Routo®, with a view to developing its territories on the basis of roaming tourism and discovery of natural, cultural and landscape heritage connected with transhumance and pastoralism.

Facilitated by La Routo, the association proposes to work in concerted fashion on development of a labelled agritourism offer based on practices connected with transhumance and pastoralism in general.

Its aims include sharing our pastoral cultural heritage, adding to and disseminating knowledge, assisting with preservation and promotion of practices connected with transhumance and the shepherd’s vocation, supporting sustainable territorial development through promotion of roaming tourism, developing cooperation and partnerships between operators in the agricultural, gastronomic, craft, environmental and heritage sectors, and supporting and reinforcing the La Routo network’s means of action.


Brochure La Routo