Discover pastoral heritage

Pastoralism’s landscapes

Camargue, Crau, the Alpilles, Sainte-Victoire, the Valensole Plateau, and the Ubaye and Stura Valleys are among the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Piedmont regions’ most outstanding natural sites.

But is it well enough known that their landscapes are tied to the activity that shaped them and has perpetuated them for millennia: pastoralism?

  • Pastoral craftsmanship

    Over the years, pastoralists and shepherds crafted whatever tools they needed, embellishing them in the process and…


  • Cultural sites

    Due to the culture it conveys, transhumance is one of Provence’s major identity markers, and certainly the…


  • Architectural heritage

    The many dry stone structures to be seen on the route between Crau and the Alps, created…